Fenix Advanced Materials Inc.

Fenix Advanced Materials Inc. is a high technology company specializing in the manufacturing of ultra-high purity (UHP) metals. We sell a variety of UHP metals for use in the Solar Energy, Telecommunications, and Commercial & Military Infrared markets.

Fenix was established as an incorporated company in May, 2015. The company is managed and directed by Don Freschi, a Professional Applied Science Technologist (MBA) with over 30 years of pure metals and semiconductor experience, and Bill Micklethwaite, a Professional Engineer with 48 years of pure metals and semiconductor experience. Freschi also serves as the company's CEO and Micklethwaite as the company's CSO.

Don Freschi | CEO

Don Freschi is a Professional Applied Science Technologist, with an MBA from Royal Roads University, and will serve as the company's Chief Executive Officer (CEO). Don has over 30 years of Pure Metals/Semiconductor experience, and was CEO of Firebird Technologies during the company's successful exit in late 2009.

Bill Micklethwaite | CSO

Bill Micklethwaite is a Professional Engineer and will serve as the company's Chief Science Officer (CSO) on a part time basis. Bill has 48 years experience of Pure Metals/Semiconductor experience and is one of the world's leading authorities on pure metals and antimonide semiconductor science.